Q: What is the difference between the Core and the Elite?

Both models feature our patented lumbar support system. The Elite remains our flagship, award-winning product; very comfortable, big, with a firm seat and strong arms that allow you to easily get in and out. The Core is second only to the Elite in ergonomic comfort, but is more economical, dual bevarge holders,  slightly more compact and lightweight.

Q: Friends keep laughing at me when I try to fold the chair clumsily. What do I do?

 It is a common problem with first time owners of STRONGBACK Chairs - the moment you want to pack your awesome and comfortable chair away, it gets awkward. Actually, folding the chairs is easier than most other chairs and certainly easier than you think.

To fold the chair simply grab the center of the top back fabric and the center of the front seat fabric and pull together. 

Since we are talking about folding - sometimes grid and dirt gets stuck on the legs and that makes the chair harder to fold. So please have a look at the following tips:
Maintenance (Especially for the beach chairs)

1) Clean the legs with tap water and dry - sometimes grit (and sand) gets stuck in there.
2) Apply a small amount of oil (WD40) where the small plastic piece slides on the front leg
3) Open and close several times - should move like silk.

I strongly advise you to contact us immediately with a picture should your chair not fold easily! info@strongbackchair.com 

get out of your chair one of your friends or family will be sitting in it because it is much more comfortable than their standard travel sucky chair.

 Q: How do I know it works?  Is this just another gimmick?

The best way to know if it works is to try it - sitting is believing.  We offer a full money back guarantee if you do not agree that the STRONGBACK Chair provides the best back support and comfort available in a travel chair.

Still don't believe it?  Read some of our reviews to see what other people have to say. 

Stiilll don't believe it?  Follow our blog or Facebook to see what people really think.

Stiiillll don't believe it?  Read our How it Works section to get a better understanding of the science and engineering behind STRONGBACK technology.

Stiiiilllll don't believe it?  See a small portion of the abundant medical and scientific references on the importance of sitting with proper back support.
Stiiiiillllll don't believe it?  Ay, caramba! - just buy it already!!

 Q: What is the warranty?

We have a 100% Guaranty Return Policy.  There is a full 1 year warranty on all STRONGBACK Chairs purchased through this website if the chair is defective or breaks for any reason.  You have an entire year and can choose between a new chair or a full refund - we will cover return shipping too.

If you order a chair that is in perfect condition but want to return for a different reason you have 30 days to do so - so make sure you try it immediately to ensure it is right for you!  In these instances, you will need to pay for return shipping.

Please see www.strongbackchair.com/pages/100-guarantee-return-policy for full details and instructions. 

Q: Why are STRONGBACK Chairs more expensive than other travel chairs?

STRONGBACK Chairs ARE NOT more expensive than standard travel chairs when you consider the value. Invest in STRONGBACK Chairs and you will enjoy long-lasting ergonomic seated comfort outdoors every hour you sit in your chair. Furthermore, STRONGBACK Chairs are made with quality and durability in mind. These chairs are not disposable - they will become a loved part of your "gear" to enjoy the outdoors for years.

Traditional travel chairs ARE MORE EXPENSIVE than STRONGBACK Chairs when you consider the value. If you spend $15 on a standard travel chair to be comfortable outdoors you have wasted your money - you will not be comfortable outdoors. Chairs without back support, like standard travel chairs, are not only uncomfortable, they are unhealthy. You'd be better off lighting your $15 on fire and throwing it in the air - at least that would be more fun than suffering for hours in a standard chair, squirming around with an aching back thinking "I wish I bought one of those STRONGBACK Chairs…maybe I'll just go home". Save your back and your money, throw out your other travel chairs, buy a STRONGBACK Chair.


 Q: How Much is shipping?

Shipping and handling cost is calculated by the Shipping Fedex System and it depends on your zip code. If you go on our website as you checkout and enter your shipping info you will see the shipping price before you need to pay.  

If shipping outside of the USA you may be subject to additional taxes such as customs and duties particular to your delivery address.  You may need to pay these costs separately at the time of delivery.

 Q: How long does shipping take? 

 Please allow 7 business days for order processing and fulfillment 

 Q: People keep sitting in my chair when I get up.  What do I do?

It is a common problem with STRONGBACK Chairs - the moment you get out of your chair one of your friends or family will be sitting in it because it is much more comfortable than their standard travel sucky chair.

You have three options:

Option 1) Fight for your chair. It's your chair. They can get their own STRONGBACK Chair. Don't reward cheap moochers by just giving in and letting them steal your chair. Fight! However, if you tend to lose fights because you are weak of body or mind try option 2.

Option 2) Share your chair. If you choose this option you will need rules prior to and during all outdoor events to ensure you get to sit in your chair rather than losing fights because you are a wimp (see 1 above). Sharing rules:

The first to call "STRONGBACK" the day of an event gets to sit in the chair first.

If you call "STRONGBACK" when you get up and before someone has a chance to sit in your chair, you get to sit in your chair when you return.

Option 3) Buy everyone a STRONGBACK Chair. You will not have to fight with your family and friends or share. You will be loved and appreciated by all. Everyone wins.

Whichever option you chose we strongly encourage heckling people in standard travel sling-style chairs - it's fun.