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We continue to receive great feedback from people who drive recreational vehicles and how the STRONGBACK Chair has helped their backs. We’d like to further help our RV’ers by sharing a few tips on keeping a healthy back when spending time behind the wheel.

 Driving seems a simple task, without consequences for our health, but bad habits and excessive handling time, can cause serious injuries and illnesses that affect our health and influence road safety. In several studies, the main driver’s diseases are related to poor movement and sustained postures. The most common is related with back pain.

When you drive a car or RV, the body is subjected to various forces, such as accelerations, decelerations, vibrations and lateral forces. Additionally, you cannot stabilize the lower body by the use of pedals. All these factors combined with a poor car seat can cause back problems.

 To avoid the problems you can do the following:



  • When you sit in the car, take your time to feel comfortable, and adjust your seat.
  • Find a lumbar support, you can use a towel or pillow or cushion that allows you to adjust the depth and height. (Note, this will not work for sagging camp chairs.)
  • Look for support for your neck.
  • Do not sit on your wallet or mobile phone as that can destabilize your spine.
  • Change position slightly every 15 or 20 min.
  • Take breaks, stop the vehicle and get out. Driving can be a long task, so you should take a break that allows you to move and stretch.
  • If you do feel back pain after an activity such as a long driving time, get horizontal and apply ice. Applying ice can decrease the amount of inflammation and pain later.
  • Finally, when relaxing, sit in a chair that provides great lumbar support, like the STRONGBACK camp chair.

Watch the Video below to hear what RV celebrity Chuck Woodbury has to say about the STRONGBACK Chair.

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