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Travel seats and Elves

Tanner Boeger

Since we are all about ergonomic travel chairs we thought an appropriate blog to begin with would be some advice on how to keep a comfortable back while traveling.  There will be several parts, we will begin with sitting in planes trains, automobiles, etc.

Many seats have inadequate lumbar support either because they are old and worn out, not the right size, or the designers were dummies (usually it's the latter - "but duuude, it looks so cooool" - um no, thank you).  Either way, if you are traveling you will often be unable to choose a seat with appropriate lumbar support.  So, instead of being uncomfortable during the trip (and in many cases for days afterwords) I recommend you do 2 things. 

  • Give yourself some lumbar support by placing a cushion behind your lower back.  An extra jacket or sweater will do the trick just as well as bringing along an extra cushion.  And, unlike a cushion, you can wear the jacket when it gets chilly.  Either fold or roll your jacket into a cushion and stick it behind the lumbar area of your back.  You can adjust the size and location to where it is most comfortable.  If your jacket is not substantial enough to give you the support you need try rolling it tightly into a ball and placing it directly behind the part of your lower spine that gives you the most problems.

  • If you can, get up and move around once in a while.  In planes and trains regularly get up, stretch a bit (especially your hamstrings ..more on this later..) , walk, and get that blood flowing in your spine.

Airline Side Note:

It is a challenge for the average American, even thin ones, to get comfortable in today's airline economy seats.  And it may be getting worse!  Check this out:,0,1215809.photogallery

Are you f!$#@$^@-ing kidding me?  Saddle seats?!  There is only one reason behind airline seating that makes any sense to me - DARK MAGIC (couldn't be money - no one is that greedy).  There is obviously a secret, dark, and magical power behind the airline industry, steering and directing decisions including seating, to their own selfish purposes: elves, gnomes and other diminutive magic creatures are responsible. 


These creatures have influenced the industry to design seats that are made perfectly to fit their tiny stature. 

  • Legroom perfect for a leprechaun but far too small for humans.  Anyone over 6' is knocking their knees against the seat in front of them.
  • Seat width to give a slender little elf lots of room to sprawl and relax but will cause most of us to exhale before entering…especially after that airport burger and fries.
  • Headrest height that allows a gnome to kick back and relax in style.  For a human over 6' tall if you sit up straight the headrest hits you in the shoulders causing a painful slouch and your head to loll around without support.

Do you really believe anyone could run an industry with such recurring incompetence to account for all of the lost baggage, shitty food, or delayed flights?  Please, open your blind muggle eyes!

How exactly these little creatures influence the industry is unknown.  Perhaps they form a majority of passengers and dominate flights that we can't see due to their magic, have a very strong lobbying effort within the industry, pay extravagant amounts from their hordes of treasures (everyone knows leprechauns and dwarves are loaded), or simply use their mysterious magic in ways we don't understand.  But it is happening. 

So what can we do?  Not much.  But if you see a small magical creature in the airport ask them to influence their people to make seats bigger. Or capture them, steal their gold, and buy your own jet.  Good luck.


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