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What can you do with a STRONGBACK chair?

Andrea Basler

 Today, sitting at my desk for a while working on the computer I got really uncomfortable. It was after getting up and moving around for the 3rd time that I clicked. Why not using the camping chair? I have a STRONGBACK Elite chair, it was folded up, leaning on the wall, looking kind of bored. Why not? I mean, yes, it is a camping chair but so what? Now, that I am actually sitting on it, working on the computer tipping away I am seriously doubting why I didn’t consider this earlier. Well better late than never!
This little happy moment made me think about the other STRONGBACK chairs that are on the market, like the beach chair. For sure, you can use it to read a book on the beach without getting silly sand everywhere and without the problem of having back issues. But what other activities could be more comfortable in the beach chair? Have you ever used it for something unconventional? Like maybe watching your toddler playing in the garden? Or maybe drinking a Margarita poolside while dangling your feet in the cool water? Let us know and share with the Strongback community!


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