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STRONGBACK Chairs for meditation

Catalina Lougee

We have received some comments from people who use STRONGBACK Chairs for meditation. We are pleased to hear STRONGBACK can support your mental well-being, as well as physical.

For those who wish to develop their meditation ability, here are some tips:

  • Book an appointment with yourself. Many people prefer the morning in order to immerse themselves in peace for the rest of the day. Others like to meditate in the evening to cleanse the stress of the day.
  • Reserve a special place that will inspire you to discover your inner self. Create an atmosphere that raises the quality of your meditation. Try adapting the place with candles, music, flowers or incense.
  • Prepare your physical body and your mind. Use comfortable, clean and light clothes.
  • Sit relaxed. Use your STRONGBACK Low Gravity Chair to keep your back straight. The important thing is that the position allows you to relax comfortably. Having good posture will allow you to expand the chest and lungs so you can breathe easily and maintain a state of relaxed but alert conscious attention.
  • Feed your inner self regularly with scheduled meditations.

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