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The STRONGBACK LowGravity chair at the Music Festival Desert Trip

Andrea Basler festival chair LowGravity lumbar support chair

Who wouldn't wanna hear acts like these The Rolling Stones - Bob Dylan - Neil Young - Paul McCarthney - Roger Waters - The Who in a wonderful setting at a perfectly organized event? 

Weeeeelll - just this past weekend it was possible thanks to the Music Festival Desert Trip :

And the best thing was that you could enjoy all of the concerts in the comfort of a STRONGBACK chair :) 

Customer Richard Godbey said: "What a great investment for a 3 day music festival.  We very much enjoyed our seating out in the field at last week's Desert Trip in Indio California.  While Bob Dylan, The Stones, Neil Young, Paul Mccartney, The Who, and Roger Waters provided the entertainment, our Strongback chairs provided the comfort for the times we weren't up and dancing.  Everyone in our group loved them and they truly do provide the support unlike any other.  Keep on Rockin', and thanks!"

We think the hero is our LowGravity model - big feet so as not to sink in the surface, low to the ground for that relaxed feeling, a pouch for your drinks and the back support we provide with all the STRONGBACK chairs. And you can carry it like a backpack all the way to where you wanna chill out and relax. Great at the beach, at a gathering around the campfire and certainly at a music festival!!!

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