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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blogs and Bio

I feel honored to be asked by the inventor of Strongback chairs, Ladd Lougee, to create a blog for the best portable therapeutic chair for back and neck pain reduction that is currently available.  Originally, Ladd invented this patented device to purposely disrupt all of the poorly designed inexpensive common camping chairs known for their discomfort and for leaving their users feeling vulnerable to back attacks.      

I have been a chiropractor for over forty years and I have recommended Strongback chairs for my patients, family, and friends for the last six years to use inside their homes, offices, garages, and patios as well as outdoor events.  The response I received back was, and still is very positive and significant.  Future blogs will refer to some Strongback chair users and what they had to overcome to get their lives back on track and how Ladd’s invention made it happen.                                                                                  

Globally, approximately 85 % of us have been, are currently, or will be adversely affected with some form of back or neck pain. Some of us get over it, but others are left feeling vulnerable.  Sadly, some never fully recover. This can be an unfortunate life changing event for anyone at any age.   

I firmly believe that long term sitting in recliners and especially soft sofas is largely responsible for sustaining this disturbing trend.  Yes, we can certainly get injured at work, in accidents, in the gym, playing sports, or doing simple chores, but the true cause of the problem is lurking in our homes taunting us.  Sofas can certainly be described as an ‘attractive nuisance’.  Do you know why sofas are so low to the ground compared to standard chairs?  The answer is because sofas will appear to occupy less space where ceilings are low.  We bought into this illusion and now we are all paying a very high price for it. I will address this and other related issues in greater detail on future blogs every two weeks, and still try to maintain a sense of humor.  

If you suffer from back or neck pain caused by degenerative disc disease, disc bulges, herniations, crushed vertebrae, spinal stenosis, sciatica, post - surgical neck and back pain, Scheuermann’s (Sherman’s) kyphosis, scoliosis, vertebral subluxations or misalignments, strains, or sprains, this device is not a substitute for professional care, be it a physical therapist, chiropractor, surgeon or drugs from a physician. 

While you are deciding which health care professional might be best for you, or a family member, a loved one, friend or neighbor get off the sofa and avoid sleeping on the stomach!  Go to and watch Ladd’s short video and order 2 today.  Why 2?  If you have 1 and you lend it out you will then have none and this will leave you at a high level of risk of being without one just when you might need a Strongback chair the most.

Save your receipts as you may be able to annually deduct this expense on your taxes as an orthopedic device medically necessary to reduce or eliminate pain.  This may also qualify for Health Savings Accounts and FLEX plans.  Advise your health care provider and ask for a note recommending Ladd’s Strongback chairs.  A health care provider’s note may not be necessary, depending on current laws, rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to use this page on Facebook.  If you feel this information is worth sharing or saving, you know just what to do,  and how to do it, just do it.


Warm Regards, and if your back is jacked, get Strongbacked

 ~ David H. Pobran, DC  (Ret.)                      

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