ORDER NOW: ☎ (844)-7STRONG, ☎ (844) 778-7664                    Free Domestic Shipping for All Chairs

ORDER NOW: ☎ (844)-7STRONG, ☎ (844) 778-7664                    Free Domestic Shipping for All Chairs

Strongback Chair Guarantee



WARRANTY: STRONGBACK products have been designed and manufactured in order to provide maximum satisfaction and safety. It is guaranteed for THREE YEARS against any manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee does not cover business use, improper assembly or set-up, normal wear and tear, accessories, or defects resulting from misuse.

STRONGBACK CHAIRS provides a full 100% 3 year warranty on all STRONGBACK Chairs purchased through this website.

All orders processed through a different merchant (e.g. you did not order through this website) are not covered by the STRONGBACK GUARANTEE. If you need to return or replace your chair you must contact the original merchant that sold you the chair.

Under the terms of this three-year warranty, STRONGBACK will replace, repair, or send replacement parts if a manufacturer’s defect occurs with welding, frame, hinges, bolts, brackets, fabric or chair feet. If you need to return or replace your chair you must contact us at info@strongbackchair.com, please be prepared to provide us with proof of purchase including name and date, order number as well as a description and photo(s) of the defect.

If any part of the STRONGBACK Chair breaks during normal use you can return the chair, and you will be given the choice of a new chair or if ordered through this website (www.strongbackchair.com) a full refund. Cosmetic damage caused by normal use, such as scratches on the frame, fabric stains or fading, will not be covered.

Rust: The chairs are made with steel components, and therefore, may rust over time. The chairs are powder coated to help prevent rust, but they are rust resistant not rust proof. Rust is not covered by our limited warranty; therefore, it is important that proper care instructions are followed to help prevent rust from occurring.

If you received a chair that is in perfect condition but want to return it, you must return the chair within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please be sure to try your STRONGBACK Chair as soon as you receive it, to ensure it is right for you and to allow yourself time to return your chair! Returning a STRONGBACK Chair for any reasons outside of defective materials or broken products will require your full payment of return shipping.

For all legitimate defects, return shipping will be covered by STRONGBACK Chairs for all addresses within the continental United States. In order to validate your return and free shipping, all returns must be pre-approved by providing an email containing a short description of the problem and a photograph illustrating the defect and proof of purchase to info@strongbackchair.com.

It is important to remember that returns will only be accepted with prior authorization. Please DO NOT SEND your chair to STRONGBACK CHAIRS LLC without a return authorization. Any returns received by our warehouse without an issued return authorization will be ineligible for a STRONGBACK refund and will only be returned to you at your expense.

Required Information for a return authorization:





Your account will be credited for the appropriate refund after our inspection in the warehouse. The inspection process generally takes 7 to 10 days after the product reaches the warehouse.

FURNITURE CARE: To get the most out of your STRONGBACK Chair for many years to come, be sure to follow the care instructions on this page: https://www.strongbackchair.com/pages/faqs