ORDER NOW: ☎ (844)-7STRONG, ☎ (844) 778-7664  M-F 9am - 5pm CST   Free Domestic USA Shipping for All Chairs

ORDER NOW: ☎ (844)-7STRONG, ☎ (844) 778-7664  M-F 9am - 5pm CST   Free Domestic USA Shipping for All Chairs

Professional Testimonials

  • "The LowGravity won best Mid-range for 2016: "Expect superior back support and comfort while using the Strongback 400LC-LGGR-M. The low profile frame sits close to the ground with a 4" clearance, and features an integrated ergonomic lumbar support to promote good posture. Backpack straps make this easy to carry."

    The Ezvid Wiki

  • " This chair is both comfortable and solid, rated for up to 300 pounds I don't doubt that this chair will easily hold my ~200 lbs without failure for quite some time.  And as someone who does suffer from regular lower back pain I can testify that the extra support makes a big difference.  When the chair is packed up, the storage bag has 2 straps enabling it to be carried like a backpack making transportation easy."

    James Veldt

  • "Thank you for providing such a great portable chair with fantastic lumbar support.  As the on-sight chiropractor in the Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production Centre, I have the privilege of treating the biggest names in the film industry.  Being able to provide your chairs as a gift is my greatest way of saying thanks.  Hollywood’s blockbuster filmmakers absolutely love these chairs!"

    John. Chiropractor Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production

  • "We can confidently state this product is a far more comfortable than typical camp chairs, especially when it comes to your back. If you factor in the cost of your co-pay for chiropractic adjustment, the true value becomes apparent." May 2017

    Jason Van Horn

  • "I have since added an Elite to my kit and used it during trips through Nevada, Utah, and Baja, Mexico. It has been a comfortable place to rest my bones at the end of along day on the trail. Money back guarantee."

    Chris Collard

  • "Best thing: delivered what was promised. And they always had an open ear for suggestions or comments."


  • "...absolutely worth the investment if you value your comfort or health at all. The lumbar back support allows you to sit in the chair for hours but beware, before inviting your guests to try it out, let them know it’s your chair for the night."

    Marc & Julie

  • If you experience any back pain and are looking for a chair that is more supportive, you should consider the STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair. This option has built-in lumbar support, which will make it more comfortable and supportive than other options"

    Lightweight Folding Chairs For The Beach

  • Strongback addresses this issue by offering outdoor folding chairs that are compact and easy to use as regular ones but are much more comfortable and posture friendly.

    Best Outdoor Folding Chairs-Buyer's Guide

  • With 80% of Americans experiencing back pain at some point in their lives, it is imperative to take care of your back. Strongback Elite Folding Chair supports your back, aligns your body posture easing tension and provides relief to your spine and relaxes your muscles"

    Top 10 Best Camping Chair For Bad Back 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide