Free Domestic Shipping for orders above $80

Free Domestic Shipping for orders above $80

  • Unrivaled Comfort and Back Support

  • Freedom comes with a Strong back

  • Sitting is believing

Professional Testimonials

  • "The LowGravity won best Mid-range for 2016: "Expect superior back support and comfort while using the Strongback 400LC-LGGR-M. The low profile frame sits close to the ground with a 4" clearance, and features an integrated ergonomic lumbar support to promote good posture. Backpack straps make this easy to carry."

    The Ezvid Wiki

  • " This chair is both comfortable and solid, rated for up to 300 pounds I don't doubt that this chair will easily hold my ~200 lbs without failure for quite some time.  And as someone who does suffer from regular lower back pain I can testify that the extra support makes a big difference.  When the chair is packed up, the storage bag has 2 straps enabling it to be carried like a backpack making transportation easy."

    James Veldt

  • "Thank you for providing such a great portable chair with fantastic lumbar support.  As the on-sight chiropractor in the Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production Centre, I have the privilege of treating the biggest names in the film industry.  Being able to provide your chairs as a gift is my greatest way of saying thanks.  Hollywood’s blockbuster filmmakers absolutely love these chairs!"

    John. Chiropractor Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production

  • "We can confidently state this product is a far more comfortable than typical camp chairs, especially when it comes to your back. If you factor in the cost of your co-pay for chiropractic adjustment, the true value becomes apparent." May 2017

    Jason Van Horn

  • "I have since added an Elite to my kit and used it during trips through Nevada, Utah, and Baja, Mexico. It has been a comfortable place to rest my bones at the end of along day on the trail. Money back guarantee."

    Chris Collard

  • "Best thing: delivered what was promised. And they always had an open ear for suggestions or comments."