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BBQ Competition and Strongback Chairs

BBQ Competition and Strongback Chairs

Pavone Brothers Competition BBQ Team, is competitive BBQ team out of Maryland started in 2009. Founder Dave Pavone is a chef on all accounts who takes pride in is craft, competitive BBQ gave him an outlet to share his abilities, have fun, meet others with similar interests, all while fulfilling his competitive nature for bragging rights and big trophies. Mike Rollins, an avid Backyard cook and part time caterer was looking into starting competitions, he reached out on a Facebook BBQ group looking for advice and was invited to help David on a few cooks, and after the 1st cook together a new team was born, with years of events together coming in the Future.

Competition BBQ is a complex and time consuming hobby. A normal contest cook starts the Monday the before and goes all week, working on selecting and trimming the meat, making the rubs, sauces. Gathering supplies and fine tuning flavor profiles. Contest start Friday night with the smokers being fired around 8:00 pm and running for 16 hours. Cooking the 4 categories, Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket. Each require different cook times, temperatures, seasonings. Turn in’s start at Noon with chicken, and the next turn in each following 30 minutes. 11:00 to 1:30 is madness, but the rush is what it is all about. After the last turn in, there is nothing better than sitting in our STRONGBACK chairs, having a cold beverage and waiting for the awards.


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