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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, My Evaluation of the STRONGBACK GURU Chair

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, My Evaluation of the STRONGBACK GU

This blog concerns the new STRONGBACK GURU, Ladd Lougee’s latest therapeutic, lightweight, portable, spinal decompression and respiratory enhancing chair, for indoor and outdoor use.  

It is my understanding that this model was designed for those who are shorter in stature, yet, strong enough for a weight capacity up to 136 kilograms / 300 pounds.  And this might well be, but, I am pleasantly surprised with its biometric diversity, regardless.

I am 183 centimeters / 6 feet tall, and weigh 85 kilograms / 188 pounds.  I, and others, with similar biometrics have found the GURU still is exceptionally comfortable, just like all STRONGBACK chairs were all designed to be.  The addition of one, or even two, toss cushions to the seat make it even more accommodating, especially for those with weakened muscles from injuries, and, or, age.

I am particularly partial to the design of the GURU’s armrests for many reasons:

The front rolled metal handgrips under the durable material are very accommodating for sitting down softly to get the maximum decompressing effect for your spine.  Take a deep breath through your nose, and keep the lips and mouth closed.  Firmly grasp the handles.  Touch your buttocks to the lumbar support, and slowly begin a soft landing.  Once you have landed in the seat,  exhale through the nose with your mouth still closed.  This allows for a very favorable tissue pull to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the spine and allows your diaphragm to assist in aligning your spine.

Similarly, rising from the chair is easy with the knuckles forward.  I recommend that the handgrips be used exclusively for getting in and out of your GURU.  Do not grasp and squeeze the fabric to get in and out of your GURU.

This prescriptive protocol allows the safe, subtle, desirable traction effect.  Sitting properly in any STRONGBACK chair is similar to that of wearing a supportive back brace, without the blood circulatory restrictions in the front and the sides.  The apparent decompression is very accommodating to the natural curves of the back, as opposed to reversing them, as most chairs will do.

The dual beverage holders are large enough to hold my IPhone 7S in an OtterBox and my wallet.  Please remember that back pockets should be empty when sitting in any STRONGBACK chair, or anywhere, for that matter.

The GURU’s armrest design and materials serve as dual hammocks for your elbows to rest perfectly, while holding your electronic device.  A toss cushion on the lap might be a consideration, too.  

This is all very important as it keeps your wrists and forearms safe from strain that can otherwise result in interference of the blood vessels and the median nerves in your wrists causing carpal tunnel syndrome.  CTS is a very common, painful and costly condition that is out of control because of posture while using electronic devices, amongst other things.

Personally, I find it empowering and invigorating, to be able to sit without my head being forced toward the screen and rolling my shoulders forward in a cryptic, kyphotic, mouth breathing posture, as I have caught myself in the past.

The flat rounded feet on the legs of the GURU models are large enough to prevent permanent pressure marks on most carpets, or becoming embedded in soil and sand.

Enjoy a spinal and lung preservation session with a STRONGBACK GURU.  Better yet, get two (2).  They always make great conversation pieces and allow others to experience the many possibilities of considering mindful posture for their health and well being.

Warm Regards, and don’t let your lungs, neck or back get jacked, get STRONGBACKed

~ David H. Pobran, DC. (Semi-Retired)

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