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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Respiratory Benefits of Strongback Chairs

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Respiratory Benefits of Strongback

Respiratory Benefits of Strongback Chairs by Dr. David H. Pobran. December 17, 2017

For almost a decade, Ladd Lougee has demonstrated that his patented, award winning ‘camping chair’ has the best design currently available on this planet. Until just recently, only a few lucky campers were fortunate enough to discover the additional benefits of Strongback chairs. This blog is about how to repurpose your Strongback chairs so they can be utilized all twelve months of the year, rather than only for your camping season.

Those with compromised breathing conditions due to emphysema, pneumonia, COPD, broken ribs and coughs notice an improvement immediately after their first Soft Landing in a Strongback chair. This technique is described in detail in Blog 2.

Why is this apparent rapid respiratory relief made possible? With the exception of Astronaut Posture, all other sitting postures will restrict the natural range of travel for the diaphragm to some degree. This large muscle’s job is to make your lungs work. It is firmly rooted in several strategic parts of your torso. When your lungs are inflated full of air, the diaphragm is somewhat relaxed, much like a hammock. When your lungs are expelling your spent air, the diaphragm transforms into a strong parachute appearance, squeezing the lungs empty, only to return to rest again like a hammock and allow the lungs to refill with air, repeatedly. This vital action repeats itself about 24,000 times every 24 hours. This number varies upon activity, and posture.

The maximum total volume of air inhaled and exhaled air in a given period of time while resting can only be fully realized with some ergonomic chairs and Strongback chairs, and devices that provide Astronaut Posture, like space rockets and jets. Some recliners are close in comparison, but not by much. Bleachers and sofas provide the absolute worst postures for breathing and spinal disc compression. Just because we are accustomed to compromising our posture does not mean damage is not accumulating. Lungs lose their elasticity and discs lose hyaluronic acid and shrink. When our shoulders roll forward, the muscles and tendons in the front of the rib cage shrink. These are the reasons why height decreases with age, and this does not have to be so.

Ladd could have initially launched his first generation of Strongback chairs as Portable Postural Respiratory aids and instead of the name Strongback called it ‘ThirdLung’. Strongback chairs are great to eat in, operate laptops, watch television, play games, read newspapers or simply relax and recover. Almost everyone senses an increased level of vitality after properly sitting in a Strongback. Some have noticed and commented they have much less heartburn after eating, too. If you have hardwood floors you will want to place your Strongback chair on a rug to prevent damage like any furniture can cause. A nice blanket with a pillow or cushion on the saddle of these chairs can significantly increase the homey comfort level and allow for one to get up and walk with much less effort and strain on the bladder, as opposed to menacing sofas and most recliners.

I would like to conclude this blog by suggesting that you ask your doctor to order you a couple of Strongback chairs for your good health. You can place them in several rooms, or outside on your patio.

Sincere Warm Regards this Holiday Season & the Best of Health and Choices for 2018        

~David H. Pobran, DC (Semi-Ret.)

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