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DR. DAVID POBRAN'S STRONGBACK BLOG, STRONGBACK Chairs for Prolonged Sitting and Focus


In a 1995 Seinfeld episode, George decides to help a security guard who must stand for 8 hours a day, guarding a store owned by George’s fiancé’s uncle.  George delivers a rocking chair to the security guard, who falls asleep in it. Consequently, the store gets robbed. 

YouTube has a good piece of it, if you are up for a good giggle.  The conversations that George has with himself, his fiancé, Jerry, and the security guard struck an all too familiar cord with me. 

His heart was certainly in the right place, but, a rocking chair was not the best chair for the job of a security guard.  Had George known of STRONGBACKs, even though they were not invented, yet, he would have certainly brought one for the security guard. 

I have intentionally sat in the Elite, Guru, Low G, and the STRONGBACK Mobility chairs, uninterrupted, for up to three (3) hours on several occasions.  I can unequivocally state that if I had to sit in any chair of my choosing, and required to remain focused for an extended length of time, I would always choose a STRONGBACK.  Other chairs are in the same league, but they will cost several times more, and they are not portable. 

The extraordinary lumbar support in all STRONGBACK chairs allows the diaphragm to travel in a very wide, natural range of motion, effortlessly.  Hunching forward and slouching restricts airflow.  This oxygen deprivation causes unwanted fatigue to set in, as the security guard experienced. 

More than a few STRONGBACKER's have mentioned to me that their chairs allow them to easily enter into a deep state of meditation without falling asleep, or cramping a perineal nerve in the leg, as commonly happens. 

Personally, I find meditating to be too difficult.  I prefer to focus on closed mouth, nostrils only, restricted glottis, Box Breathing, as taught, in part, by Ret. SEAL Commander, Mark Divine.

I set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes.  Each breath is exhaled, paused, inhaled, paused, and exhaled for 5 seconds, paused and repeated for a set time.  When the timer goes off I hear a series of 15 second riffs from RADIATE on my iPhone alarm.

Then, I begin to exhale very slowly for 15 seconds. I keep my lungs empty for the same period of time, then inhaling for another 15 second riff.  I hold my breath comfortably for another riff.  I slowly exhale for another riff, then, hold it empty, for a final 15 second riff.   I would not find this possible if I had to sit in a rocking chair, let alone a soft sofa, or common camping chair.

Breathing in this manner helps control cortisol, allowing anxieties to vaporize.  Front sight focus can be established and maintained on demand, as well.

STRONGBACKs are definitely one of the best investments, for under $100.00, anyone can make for their health.

Warm Regards, and always be good to your back, David H. Pobran, DC (Semi-Ret.)

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