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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, STRONGBACK Chairs Help Preserve Quality of Life

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, STRONGBACK Chairs Help Preserve Qu

For my last six (6) years as a chiropractor, I have felt morally responsible to introduce my patients, family, friends and acquaintances to STRONGBACK portable, lightweight spinal decompression chairs that resemble camp chairs, and can be used similarly.

I have the permission of a patient of mine to post his case in this blog.  This may benefit others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Joe Free is a former California heavyweight powerlifting champion and a highly accomplished Highland Games competitor.  For decades after the conclusion of his physically challenging hobbies, Joe, would walk more than several miles to work where he manned the desk of his business, Free Builders Supply, as he still does today for over 40 years!

More than a couple of decades ago, Joe had to jump off his roof trying to save his home in a California brush fire.  Joe, then, bought a home high on a hill and walked downhill to work 4 or 5 days a week for several miles, for several years, as he still does.

In April 2013, Joe, complained that almost overnight, he unexpectedly and unfortunately could not walk 200 yards without  his back, hips and both legs and feet failing him.  Joe would then need to call his girlfriend to get him to work.

I attempted more than several times to help get Joe walking distances, like he needed to and nothing worked.  I always asked myself why this was happening now, and without warning.  And why did everything, including various forms of traction keep him feeling excellent after leaving our facility, but still unable to walk to work the next morning?

After reviewing his lateral lumbar x-rays I provided him with a diagnosis of lumbar stenosis, with multiple levels of potential nerve root interference.  This is not an uncommon condition.  The discs between his vertebrae were, and still are, flatter than usual, but not unexpected considering his history and current symptoms.

Then I received a delivery of STRONGBACK portable, lightweight, spinal decompression chairs.  I thought to let Joe try one while enjoying his dinner, tv, friends, etc.  I further suggested that he never, ever sit in a sofa again any longer than he could hold his breath.

After an extended absence of a month I followed up and asked Joe how he was doing.  He told me that he was very pleased to say that he was able to progressively walk downhill to work with no problem after just four (4) evenings of my prescriptive STRONGBACK sitting protocol.

Furthermore, he added that he was able to jackhammer out a piece of concrete for his flag pole.  In a very recent telephone call, Joe stated that as of now, almost five (5) years later he still is walking all he wants to, and more, and that the regular use of his STRONGBACK chair, and avoiding his sofas were the  game changers.

Please, remember that Joe still has stenosis of his lumbar spine, but he no longer has the level of nerve root interference that he once had.  Some people have stenosis with pain, some only weakness and some have both symptoms.  If we live long enough most of us will acquire some stenosis to some degree.  On the brighter side, the effects of stenosis can be reduced and reversed in most cases.

While you are still young, ask your doctor to prescribe two (2) STRONGBACKs. Why two?  You might just want to help out some poor stenosed friend or family member.  If you give yours up, you will then have none and once again subjected to the scourge of stenosis with the possibility of decreased mobility and increased pain.

My sitting protocol is no substitute for professional care and accountability.  Stenosis and nerve root interference can be detected by chiropractors, physical therapists and neurologists.

Symptoms similar to Joe’s can be caused by other health issues, but the majority of cases are caused by less than adequate spinal hygiene practices.


Warm Regards, and never allow your back to get jacked, get STRONGBACKed

~ David H. Pobran, DC. (Semi-Retired)

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