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May 24, 2018


May has been declared Posture Month by www.posturemonth.org.  Their information might help even the most stubborn of us who are unfortunately afflicted with poor posture, through no direct fault of our own.

The American Posture Institute recommends that posture evaluations and recommendations should begin at age 8.  I am in total agreement, but in addition, children of ages 4 until 8 should witness these evaluations, hear the recommendations, and be allowed to let them think for themselves, too. 

Parents and caregivers should be in charge from birth until four (4) years of age.  Start with making sure our children have good sleep and spinal hygiene habits. 

No Sleeping on Tummies.  This is not allowed in any hospitals or care giving facilities.  It is allowed in prisons, jails, our military, and of course, your own home, or wherever you want.

The best way I know how to teach good posture, and be reminded of it, myself, is to experience the ability to breathe better through positive postural changes and an increase of awareness. 

This is my most favorite Experiment

Sit down slowly and properly in a STRONGBACK chair.  With your mouth closed, take a normal breath and exhale through your nose only.  Repeat.  Note the effort required.  Then get out of your STRONGBACK chair and sit in any sofa, office or dining room chair, or any other camping chair.  Once again, with your mouth closed, inhale and exhale normally.  Take note of this effort.

When you first notice the apparent restriction in your breathing, in the second part, your eyes won’t likely hide it.  This is because your posture can very easily have a subtle, but certain choke hold on you.  This can lead to chronic mouth breathing, which some dentists describe as being comparable to putting food in your nose.

STRONGBACK Chairs have serious lumbar support.  This feature allows your diaphragm to easily transform from a relaxed, hammock-like position to draw in air, and transform to a piston- like position, to push the worthless, stagnant, spent air out of your lungs. 

STRONGBACK Chairs are the definitely the best investment, under $100.00, for your health, that you can make.  They have been Doctor Recommended for over seven (7) years. In addition, they were clinically tested on back pain sufferers for two (2) years.     

Plan to watch the video on www.strongbackchair.com.   This is not going to be a waste of your valuable time.

May we all be reminded to keep our spines in line, with help from the STRONGBACK line!

~Warm Regards, David H. Pobran, DC. (Semi-Ret.)

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