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Helpful Tools For Those Living With Extreme Back Pain

Helpful Tools For Those Living With Extreme Back Pain

Anyone that has ever suffered from extreme back pain knows that it is hard to do some of the most simple tasks. Bending and stretching can seem nearly impossible, especially

considering it can be difficult just to get out of the bed on some mornings. Luckily, there have been some innovative inventions created over the years, such as the reacher grabber tool, that have eased these burdensome tasks for people suffering from extreme back pain. Items To Look For In A Reliable Reacher Grabber Tool A reacher grabber tool is basically just an extension of your arm. Reaching for items on the floor, or above head can be a tedious and daunting task for individuals suffering from extreme back pain. These tools can make those types of things easier, or harder to do, depending on the reliability of your tool.Regardless of your needs, a reliable reacher grabber tool should possess the following all aspects…

  • It should be durable and able to hold up to the rigors of daily use.
  • The grip end should be able to be firmly grasped in your hand, and the control should be easy to squeeze or operate.
  • The claw, or end that retrieves items for you, should grip items effectively without letting them slip out of their grasps.
  • It should also be lightweight so that it does not put any added strain on your back or another body part.

A Back Brace Is Another Helpful Tool To Consider A back brace can give you added support. Typical braces support the lower back area but other styles are available that brace higher areas on your back as well. Parents or grandparents of small children should consider one of these items due to the constant bending, picking up, and twisting that is often associated with raising kids. These are some important things that a helpful back brace should have...

  • The brace should be snug and remain in place. If it is too loose, it fails to provide enough support, and if it is too tight you may have difficulty breathing.
  • It must do the job that it was intended to do. Adding support to your back can help ease pains associated with bending and twisting, but only if they are effective at supporting your back.
  • Comfort should also be taken into consideration when choosing one of these items.Uncomfortable items are likely to get thrown into the back of the closet and not used, so make sure it has a desirable comfort level.Other Types Of Reaching Devices Can Be Helpful As Well There are times when extreme back pain puts you in an awkward situation, and discretion needs to be used to keep your dignity intact. A task as simple as wiping after using the restroom can become increasingly difficult. However, there are other types of reach extenders, besides the reacher grabber tools, that are designed for specific uses like the one mentioned above. Keep these things in mind when considering one of these extenders...
  • Extreme back pain can prevent you from doing some of the things you love, including traveling. When it comes to sitting in planes, in cars, or even around a campfire for extended periods of time, muscle inflammation and spinal disruption in your back can have you wishing you never left home in the first place. Portable ergonomic seat cushions and Strongback Chairs alleviate some of the pain of sitting when traveling or on vacation by providing extra support for the lumbar spine region as well as gently promoting better posture and spine alignment.
  • If the extender is designed for a specific purpose, does it fulfill that purpose? It should reach the area in need of service in a manner that does not cause much awkwardness on pain to you.
  • Much like the reacher grabber tool, these types of extenders should always have a grip that is easy to grasp and can be firmly held.
  • It should be strong and able to hold up to the task at hand. If it is going to break, after using it as directed, it is likely not going to be much help to you.Always Make Sure The Helpful Tool That You Choose Is Helpful For Your Situation Choose the right tool for the right job. Attempting to use a helpful tool in a way that it is not designed to be used could result in an injury. Your back pain is unique to you and your situation. Nobody else understands the feelings that your body is giving you. Don’t choose one because a celebrity endorses it, or because it looks pretty, choose a helpful tool that works for you.

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