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Hunting, hunting, hunting

Hunting, hunting, hunting

It’s that time of the year again – stags are roaring, grouse, elk and moose are abundant and the hunting fans are out in the woods camping and stalking… Deer shooting and bird hunting. The best time is in the evenings; sitting around the campfire, telling each other stories of how it all went. What did you see today? Or more importantly: what did you shoot? Or maybe how it went the other year, when you saw that big Elk and you should have made the shot but…

At that time, you really feel the difference of having a comfortable STRONGBACK folding chair instead of one of these cheap and annoying models. You can sit all evening in an Elite or Core from STRONGBACK and not feel uncomfortable. You won’t feel your back pinching you, neither in the evening nor the next morning. You are at ease because you have this strong lumbar cushion supporting you in your lower back area. The only trouble you’ll have will be chasing your hunting buddies out of your STRONGBACK chairs! 

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