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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Mother’s Day and STRONGBACK Chairs as Gifts

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Mother’s Day and STRONGBACK Chairs

When I was 10 years old, my Mother slipped on some ice injuring her low back.  She could only sleep on the floor, and her pain remained the same for several months, maybe getting worse.  Her medical doctor referred her to a chiropractor.  I went with her to see what he had in mind on how to help Mom with her horrible pain.

After his consultation and examination, he suggested that she gets a ¾ inch sheet of plywood, and have it placed between her mattress and box spring.  He also suggested that she not sit on her soft sofa for awhile.  He gently adjusted her back and suggested a follow up.

I recall the joy in her voice, as she spoke to her friends on the phone about how much better she felt.  This is when I decided to become a chiropractor when I grew up.

Today, I asked her what she might have thought if her chiropractor, back then, would have also recommended a STRONGBACK chair?  She smiled and said, “of course”.

Women report back pain three (3) times more than men.  Men are generally more overweight, and have more strenuous activities.  The cause of this profound difference in reporting back pain is not fully understood, but the following facts should be kept in mind.

Females have spinal scoliosis seven (7) times more often than males.  This is a profound lateral curvature of the spine.  A woman’s pelvic structure is designed slightly different than a man’s.  It is noticeably broader.

Female hormones can cause ligaments to stretch and sometimes loosen joints.  Women are generally more flexible than men.  I think this particular feature might be to their detriment.  This flexibility might allow women to sit on a lower leg for extended periods of time without immediate discomfort.  This sets up a condition called ‘creep’ in the discs and facet capsules between the vertebrae where they become temporarily deformed, leaving the spine in a very vulnerable position for more than a few minutes.

Imagine a woman taking a break, sitting on a sofa with a lower leg between the sofa and her pelvis.  She might spend considerable time like this, reading, watching television, making a grocery list and waiting for clothes to finish washing or drying, etc.  When she gets off the sofa to continue with her chores, all might be well, until she starts loading wet laundry into the drier.  This is the moment when the horrible, painful, restrictive effect of creep can become very apparent.

Imagine the difference this could make in any woman’s world, if she was made aware of this risk of injury.  Consider getting your Mom, or the Mother of your children, a GURU STRONGBACK chair.  Get one for yourself, too.  If you are over 6 ft. 2, consider the Elite.  They all have a 300 pound weight capacity.

Remove the portable, spinal decompression chair from the backpack that it comes with it, and set it up for her.  Place some flowers in a vase that can fit in one of the two beverage holders.  Add a toss cushion or two to the seat.  If the evenings are cool, place a blanket over the chair for additional warmth and comfort.

Maybe, consider getting Low G’s for the kids at the same time, too.  Sit and spend some quality time together with her, as she experiences her new throne.  Read this blog to her and let her know that the STRONGBACK chair is a proven problem solver for most back pain and back weakness.  Regular spinal decompression benefits everyone with a spine.

Keep Mom’s Spine In Line and Feeling Fine With Chairs From the STRONGBACK Line!

~Warm Regards, David H. Pobran, DC (Semi-Ret.)

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