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Customers Testimonials

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STRONGBACK Guru Navy & Grey

Just out of the box. Sat it in for 20 mins and love it! I’m a short person (5’2”) whose been keeping my chiropractor’s mortgage paid by buying multiple back cushions for every so-called comfortable chair in my house as well as my truck. This chair eliminates my need for a back cushion. I do believe I will thoroughly enjoy sitting at length in this chair. Plus it’s easy to open/close, my feet can be flat on the ground 🤗 (short legs with 26” inseam), easy to tote/carry and it takes up 1/3 the space of my previous camp chair.

Judi, 7 June 2019

We purchased two Guru's and have used them the last two weekends. No complaints. Price may make you think a bit, but I know my entire body appreciates the new chairs. My back never did appreciate the typical umbrella chair. Legs like the no lost of circulation from the front of the chair. I'm 66" and the wife is a smidge less in height. The kids even like them better than our other chairs (aluminum folding) and they are a little over 48". I had to train myself to grab the front metal part of the armrests to help push myself up (recovering from a leg injury), Dual cup holders are nice, even hold a standard can koozie. Three year warranty didn't hurt the decision either. Looking forward to many years of comfort.

E. Schroer, May 2019

About The Recliner Low G Strongback Chairs.

Bought 4 of these chairs. They’re fantastic, comfortable and really help with back support. The chairs are amazing and the company offers great customer support.

 Charles & Barbara D., NC,  July 2018

Bought an “Elite” black & grey chair for my son as a Christmas gift.  He loves it.  Of course, I tried it out before hand, and I was especially impressed with the comfort from the lumbar support.  Also very impressed with the manufacturing design and construction qualities.  Looking forward to getting one for myself. 

Robert P., Connecticut, December 27, 2017

Perfect Chair!! 5 out of 5 stars! The lumbar support on this chair is AMAZING! Best chair I've ever bought! Definitely worth the money!
Lindsey Riegner, April 1, 2017
" 5 out of 5 stars, they sell themselves! Awesome, sturdy and back supportive chairs! Son and his wife loved them so they are purchasing some for themselves!"

Nancy J., April 7, 2017

 " I haven't taken a trip with the STRONGBACK LowGravity chair yet, but I did get a chance to test it out in my backyard and Wow! I'm impressed. I have a herniated disc in L4 and L5 and I've often found that most chairs in general make my back feel achy after several minutes of sitting in them and I felt none of that with the LowGravity. Attached is a photo of me testing it out in my backyard. Two thumbs up, would definitely recommend to others interested in saving their backs."

March 2017, Mina Lee, from

 " Very expensive but it truly is the most comfortable camp chair I have ever sat in. Spouse has spinal stenosis and is able to sit for hours in his strong back. Hopefully, they will last for a few years to make it all worth the money spent! " 

Harry Jansen, January 2017 

" I love my chair and use it at agility trials.  It is stolen by my friends all the time. Several people have since bought one.  I just wanted to tell you I laughed about the truth of what to do when people steal it."

Mona L. Gitter DVM CCRT, January 2017

 "Every time one of us got up to go down to the stage or get a drink, we’d come back to another friend sitting in one of the chairs! (…) The comfort factor is really important and the STRONGBACK CHAIR is the best, yet.”

 -Imelda Hill and John Barlow, September 2016

" I volunteered at this camp and put in dozens of hours of manual labor in the heat. Your chair really made my week MUCH more comfortable than if I had no chair, and considerably more comfy than a typical high-quality chair. I would even look for "reasons" tote my chair to events! I wish I was sitting in it right now! I'm grateful I found STRONGBACK before I left for camp!"

-Maria, Sept 2016 - Strongback Low Gravity review. Click Here to see her complete Amazon review


" I am a Boy Scout leader and camp quite often, but having back issues for over 15 years made sitting in traditional camp chairs nearly impossible. A couple of years ago I scoured the internet for a good camp chair and found the Strongback. It is simply the best camp chair around (I even find it more comfortable than the recliner in my house)! Last year I ended up having back surgery after suffering nerve damage. I can only sit for short periods at a time now, but having camped out last weekend for the first time since the surgery, I was impressed. I was able to sit and enjoy a camp fire without pain. Thanks for making a great chair!"

-Randy, June 2016

" I am a Veteran in the program and absolutey LOVE my chair! It helps with my back issues tremendously. I am buying another chair to donate to a Veteran in the program, as a pay it forward, that is about to have back surgery. I wish I could buy so many but unfortunately only one at a time. Great Chairs!

- Leigh , May 2016

"I love my new chair, long story short, had back surgery in November, I'm a big guy 6'5" 250lbs on a good day, my original purchase was/is for spring break at the beach! I LOVE my new chair, my lovely wife loves my new chair, I need another for her now" 

-Robert, March 2016

"We wanted to let you know about our experience with your products. We ordered 2 of your Elite chairs and two stool/tables. The chairs are by far the best folding chairs we have ever sat in. Every time we camp in the RV we invite folks to try your chairs and then can't get them out of the chairs! One set of our friends have already ordered their own chairs from you. The table/stools are very well made and we use them for both tables and foot stools. We have since ordered your optional cupholders to add to our set. You produce a superior product and our experience with your customer service has been superb!"
- Mike & Barbara Pallone, February 2016

"Well Finally!  The search for the best camp chair is finally over!!  I've been camping for 40 years, and in the past 15 years I have done a lot of camping out of a raft.  At the end of 2014 my wife and I got an Elite and a Core Strongback chair to take for a 25 day trip in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  About 12 days into the trip the Core was accidentally lost due to a loose strap and a gigantic wave.  The Elite was used by my wife and I for the remainder of the trip, mostly with her sitting in my lap.  I'm a big boy and I know we were overloading the chair, but the chair didn't mind at all!  When you live outdoors for 25 days in a row, having a great seat with great back support is an awesome thing.  To this day my Strongback Elite remains a favorite chair at any camp, whether at the fire pit in the back yard or on a multi-day rafting trip.  Now weathered from a few years of UV rays and being left in the rain it is still the favorite chair in any camp.  Today I'm buying another Elite for my wife as a surprise :-)  Thanks Strongback, Keep up the good work!"

- Tyson, February 9th, 2016


 " The chair arrived this morning--the low-gravity version. It's great. I will use it as a meditation chair, since the traditional cushions no longer are comfortable (as knees get stiffer). The height and the just right, very slightly retro, angle of the back make the difference between comfort and having a foot or two go numb. I know this isn't what it was designed for, but it's most appropriate for this purpose as well as the beach or camping".

-Suzanne, 2015

"I have bought several chairs from you.  Years ago I did an internet search on "the worlds best folding chair" and I agree, your chairs are."

- Mark, Dec 2015

"We were rocking our Strongback chairs at Snowbomb in Sf this past weekend. People were digging your chairs and so were our backs."

- John, Nov 2015

"No secrets here! We sell them in our store and we have some in the front that the customers could relax on. We strongly recommend as we love them ourselves and as we are the only store in our area selling, they are really selling fast"

-Sara, Nov 2015

"Bought one for myself and was pleased with back support! Giving these as gifts!"

-Patricia, Dec 2015

"I don't to be the guy standing when the music stops and when I sit I want to be at maximum comfort!"

-Peter, Nov 2015

"A guy next to me at a match had one. i sat in it. and i bought one. now i want another one."

-Susan, Nov 2015

"Searching for a strong low Beach Chair saw read your article like what I read about this chair and made my decision to get one maybe in the near future I will get another 1 for my wife."

-Robert Oct 2015


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