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Strongback Chair Reviews




" ...these Strongback Chairs are amazing!..It is definitely the most comfortable small folding chair I have ever sat in, by a far stretch, and it folds to a very compact size...If you bring this chair to a happy hour or campfire gathering and anyone else sits in it, you may have to fight them to get it back!...get ready to have the "best seat in the house" wherever you go.-Mark Nemeth,  Escapees Magazine Technical Advisor "The (Elite) chair arrived a couple of days ago, and after sitting in it a while, folding it up and stowing it in its nylon carry bag, and pulling it out to sit on again on different types of terrain, from grass and gravel to blacktop, it is absolutely the most comfortable camp chair I have ever sat in."

-Nick Russel, Publisher/Blogger and full time RV Vagabond. Check out his Blog The Gypsy Journal.

"We asked a dozen visitors to our office to sit in it, and they were impressed. Without exception they all agreed it was better than other similar-looking chairs they had used before. RVers who have a bad back or want to avoid back problems should like the Strongback Chair. It looks like a typical portable chair you'd find around the campfire, but once you sit in it you'll notice a huge difference: the back doesn't sag. Instead, it supports. The editors of found it much more comfortable than those commonly seen around the campground."

-Chuck Woodbury, Editor

"At first look, the Strongback chair does not appear much different than a regular sling chair but don’t let that fool you. From the beginning these chairs were designed for superior comfort by giving you much better back support. I was given the opportunity to try out both models of the strong back chair and found them to be much more comfortable than I had expected... I found the Zen, noticeably more comfortable than any other similar style camping chair I have tried. After an hour of sitting in the chair it still felt as comfortable as when I first sat down. I really liked the Zen, but I loved the the Elite."

-Dean Babb, Publisher/Editor PopUp Times 

"Upon my extensive “testing” of the STRONGBACK chair ( Elite)... I chose to award it recognition as a BCM Publisher’s Choice selection. You will not see this status often because to me a product must be distinctively in a class by itself for me to be that impressed...Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve spent quite a few enjoyable hours sitting in this chair outdoors and indoors and I just have to say WOW!"

-Mike Sullivan, CEO/Publisher Bus Conversions Magazine

"I’ve never put much thought into chairs before, but after learning about Strongback and sitting in it for awhile I wonder why I haven’t. The Strongback chair was designed with two things in mind, comfort and support...I noticed the ergonomic benefits of this chair immediately... if you have a bad back and find yourself in need of more lumbar support, I say go for it. Be warned however, you might have ill feelings towards camping friends if they decide to play musical chairs around the fire and park their buns in your seat. If the Strongback’s around, I’m calling seat-back’s!!!"

-Rob Mitchell, (Bunny) Editor  


"Just a note to let you know that the Elite edition IS ALL YOU SAID IT WAS!!!
Easy in AND EASY OUT - no back pain."

Dick Buchwald (2015)

Thanks you so much…both my wife and I appreciate it.  After 35 years in the Army your Elite chair is a blessing on my back.  I just sat in it again today and am complete amazed at the comfort level.

-Mark Dyvig (March 2015)

"I received my new Strongback Elite chair today.  Wow!. I am 68 years old, 6'8" tall and weight 250 pounds, and had my first back surgery at age 22.  I wish I had this chair a long time ago. Not only is the back support superb, but the chair is man-sized, too.  My grandchildren's ball games and college tailgating (War Eagle!) is going to be a lot more comfortable from now on."

-Mike H. ; Clay, Alabama

"Upon sitting in my Highback Zen Chair I immediately realized just how comfortable the chair really is. It is nothing like sitting in your average camping chair, that's for sure! Usually I sit slumped over in my camping chair, but this chair actually helps provide the proper back support,  so that I always sit with good posture. It easily folds up for convenient storage, or to take along with you. The chair will come in very handy during hikes, camping trips, a trip to the beach,and anywhere you may bring it!"

-Lawna Noe -

"All it took was sitting down for the first time and I was a believer.  The lumbar support in my Elite chair hits my back in just the right place.  It is the most comfortable camp chair I have ever used!"

- Sally, Palm Coast, FL

"Over Christmas I had a house full of guests and I actually had to break out both my Zen and Elite Strongback chairs to provide enough seating. I'm sure you can imagine where everyone wanted to sit and it wasn't on my sofa. My father flat-out refused to get out of the elite chair, he even brought it over to the dinner... table. I only just got my chairs in early December so I am truly looking forward to enjoying them in the great outdoors. I have a terrible back, and am always in pain, this chair is so comfortable it actually allows me to "relax" & sit back in the chair. Those of you who have back pain know what I mean, you can't always just sit back and relax with out pain- now I can! I ABSOLUTELY love these chairs. Thanks!"

- Suzanne, Linwood, NJ

 "Our daughter and her husband sent us two Strongback (Zen) chairs for Christmas. We will now sit on the beach or at an outdoor concert in actual comfort. Right now, we are enjoying them in front of the fireplace. I feel lucky to own one! Good job, Ladd!"

 -Susan Englert, FL

 "I just wanted to let you know that my parents loved-loved-loved their Strongback Chairs that they opened up for Christmas yesterday."

 -Dr. Lisa Musick, San Francisco



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