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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Sitting Properly

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, Sitting Properly

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The American Posture Institute co-founders, Dr. Mark Wade and Dr. Krista Burns have declared it their mission to eradicate Sitting Disease. They are leaders in providing Certified Posture Expert programs for all health care professionals. I feel posture certification should be mandatory for all healthcare professionals to acquire and maintain their licensure. This should include all educators and mental health workers and this should be legislated as soon as possible. Our current health care system has been hijacked and it is not sustainable. All of us need to be more proactive with our health, good posture and ergonomics is a good platform to start from.

Thirty eight years of practicing health restoration, in part through postural education has been, and always will be my personal mission. Ladd Lougee’s second generation of Strongback chairs and his videos on now make my job much easier and enjoyable, and for this I am Thankful.

Blog 2 contains my thoughts on how to best sit in a Strongback chair to help current and future Strongbackers better appreciate a noticeable therapeutic session of spinal decompression.

In addition, this method will also allow the maximum amount of available air to be inhaled, similarly, the maximum amount of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to be exhaled. 

Before attempting to sit in any Strongback chair both hands should be empty. NO electronic devices, purses, small children, pets, reading materials, beverages, or food, etc. should be in your hands. Firmly grasp the armrests and while inhaling, then very slowly sit down with both buttocks gently contacting the back of your chair so you can slowly slide down into the saddle of the device. I like to call this a ‘soft landing’. This technique allows for what some chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, and massage therapists describe as a form of ‘favorable tissue pull’.

Exhale fully after you are seated and then release your grips on the armrests. In this position your respiratory diaphragm has a much wider range of travel to allow your lungs to fully ventilate as they were intended to. This allows for the maximum amount of air to be inhaled and similarly, the maximum amount of hydrogen and carbon dioxide to be exhaled with less effort for extended periods of time.

Strongback products are ideal Christmas gifts for almost anyone of any age and size. Ladd’s lightweight, fully portable, therapeutic spinal decompression chairs are suitable for camping and all outdoor events. They can make a significant noticeable difference when used all year long anywhere that might lead to improving the health of those you love and care for, including yourself.

If your back is jacked, get Strongbacked ~ David H. Pobran, D.C. (Ret.)

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  • Great information, Dr. Pobran. I use my Strongback Chair yearround indoors. Back problem was solved.

    - W.Roy Moore

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