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Dr. David Pobran's Blog, Indoor Use of STRONGBACK Products

Dr. David Pobran's Blog, Indoor Use of STRONGBACK Products

“When people decorate their homes, it’s all about what looks good, fits in the space, matching colors, with no thoughts on how this will impact their body,“ said Margo Fraser, a kinesiologist and ergonomics consultant in Calgary, Alberta. “And they mistakenly attribute their pain and discomfort to getting older, or an exercise injury, when it is really their furniture.” 

Extended bodily contact with soft sofas in my opinion is largely responsible for our opioid epidemic in Canada and the US.  Lumbar Spinal Stenosis occurs when the discs become thinner from the pressures of unknowingly and routinely sitting in less than ideal situations for extended periods of time.  Pain pills are handed out with no thought of addressing this cause.

Responsible surgeons are hesitant on surgery for this condition.  Some people get pain, but some experience very apparent weaknesses limiting their walking. Others have a gradual loss of muscle control and urinary and bowel functions.  Frequently,  they can only  fall into their sofa and only hope they can get out of it without assistance.  Paramedics and Fire Departments are frequently called to assist those in this situation who live alone or are much larger than their caregiver.

On the brighter side, I recently spoke with a former professional athlete, Bernie Miller. He is currently an avid senior men’s pole vaulting competitor at 57.   He stated that he routinely sits in his STRONGBACK chair for five (5) minutes first thing in the morning. In addition he does this before and after his surf sessions, and pole vaulting practices as well. Bernie also designed, invented and rigorously tested his own exercise and agility equipment called the Squatmaster and the SpoonerBoard. Prior to his starting his STRONGBACK routine his need for professional help with his back was extensive. In the past four (4) years he has stated that he has had no issues and has increased his overall functional capacities as an athlete.

Go to and order two (2). Why two? If you choose to help someone out by giving them yours, and you only have one, you will then have none, and the process of spinal deterioration will resume. Select a nice rug to place on the floor so it will not get damaged.  Add a toss cushion on the saddle and place a small blanket or large towel over your STRONGBACK chair. This can really improve you decompression experience and the appeal in your home. Maybe ask your doctor for a note to give your wife, first, if you must share the living room.  Fortunately, due to it’s portability it can be easily carried and used anywhere very easily.

To best experience your STRONGBACK chair, remember to keep your back pockets empty.  Use both hands on the arms of the chair.  Gently touch the lumbar support of the chair with your buttocks and slide down slowly into your chair. This is called a ‘soft, safe landing’, as opposed to a ‘hard disabling landing’ described in the second paragraph.

This device is no substitute for responsible professional care. Regular examinations by a chiropractor and or physical therapist will allow for the results of your Strongback practice to be measured. This is important, just like regular dental exams.  Accountability with your health care provider can have  it’s benefits. 

Keep your spine working and feeling fine with products from the STRONGBACK line.  

Warm Regards ~ David H. Pobran, DC (Semi- Retired)  


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