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Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, My STRONGBACK Protocol for Common Low Back Injuries

Dr. David Pobran's Strongback Blog, My STRONGBACK Protocol for Common

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This protocol is not a substitute for professional care, including a definitive diagnosis. Back injuries can range from mild strains to herniations and fractures. It is very common for one to consume over the counter medications and pharmaceutical pain pills, plus allow for additional rest for the majority of back injuries. This blog will address the issue of rest, specifically sitting and how to get relief in the fastest way I know.

First, get a STRONGBACK chair. If you do not have one, go to and order two (2). Why two? After you recover you will likely want to help someone else in a similar situation by loaning them yours, and then you will be without one.

Second, place a gelatinous ice pack or a bag of frozen peas between the affected part of your back and the lumbar support area of your STRONGBACK chair. DO NOT USE HEAT. Yes, heat feels very nice, but this will cause further swelling of the facet capsules between your vertebrae and prolong the healing time significantly, just like most painkillers will do. Depending on your height, you might want to place a toss cushion on the base or saddle of your STRONGBACK, as well. Make sure your back pockets are empty. Always sit well back into your portable, therapeutic, spinal decompression device. Remain seated and decompressing for a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes with ice. Any longer may cause frostbite damage. Repeat this prescriptive therapy hourly, if necessary.

Of course you can always sit for several hours in a STRONGBACK chair without an ice pack with no fear of making your situation worse.

A few more suggestions you might find helpful in avoiding chronic back pain are to avoid sitting and slouching on sofas and recliners, and never, ever sleep on your stomach! Try to avoid sitting on the edge of your bed and sofa to read and use electronic devices. If you must, limit it to less than four (4) minutes. These postures compromise the natural shock absorbing curvatures of your spine. They might feel ok while doing them, but when normal activities are resumed the pain and restrictions will have a much greater possibility of returning.

Sitting in your STRONGBACK chair for just five (5) minutes, first thing in the morning will give your back a nice reset that can make a big difference in your day, too.

Personally, I enjoy the practice and the benefits of Deep Diaphragmatic Box Breathing while decompressing my spine in a STRONGBACK chair. You can research Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and Dr. Belisa Vranich on their methods of Box Breathing. I prefer to use a STRONGBACK chair as opposed to squatting with my legs crossed as it totally eliminates any peroneal nerve compression in my legs. This is a very common and very painful experience that discourages many from this practice. Sitting on a sofa or a recliner will not allow you to breathe deep and may cause you to fall asleep, which is the opposite intention of this very worthy discipline.

Warm Regards, and don’t let your back get jacked, get STRONGBACKed

~ David H. Pobran, D.C. (Semi-Retired)

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  • Hi
    I am a nurse and suffer from denerative disc disease.
    Over the yrs I found it increasingly important to protect my lower back.

    I have never really coralated how my sitting position effects my back pain. I would always just look for something firm to sit on and think that was all I could do.

    Recently I received a job looking after a wonderful lady in her 90s.
    In her living room was a strongback chair.i took the liberty of giving it a go.

    Immediately I felt a release of pressure in my lower back. I felt comfortable …almost like I could feel the vertebra in my lowet back relaxing and openimg. I could have sat there forever relaxed and soothed!!!

    Unfortunately I had to get back to work but immediately ordered a strongback chair the moment I had a chance!!!!

    - Donna lovstrom

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